2023 Inspections

*For registration information and forms, please contact the various breed organizations directly (See links above)

*All stabling, handling, braiding, and hotel accomodations inquiries can be directed to buffy@pollyrichfarms.com

* Please check this website for dates and informations as the events approach.

* All visitors to Pollyrich Farms are required to sign a Pollyrich Farms liability release.
* Professional Photography will be provided by Patty Wilding Photography.  Please sign up in the tack room on the morning of the inspection.
* Professional Handler –  Arta Iranpur or Paul Keenan will be available to present your horse(s). Please contact Pollyrich Farms if you would like your horse professionally handled for the presentation.
*  Please remember that the judges will evaluate the horses as they are presented on the day of inspection, so do your best to give your horse every advantage on the day of it’s presentation.  All horses (foals included) should be braided in order to show off the horse’s topline.  Horses shall be presented in a bridle with clip-on reins, or a Newmarket lead.  Foals and yearlings shall be presented in a leather halter and nice leather or black lead.  A clean and braided foal is all that is required. It is not necessary to trim ears, whiskers, or body clip foals, as it is not healthy or safe for them.  
Please contact Pollyrich Farms in advance for any braiding needs.
*  Breakfast and Lunch will be available for purchase during events.
*  We love dogs, but please leave your furry friends at home.
Contact Buffy Oas at buffy@pollyrichfarms.com or (805) 688-0220 for more information regarding stabling and hotel accommodations.

Tass Jones Photography

Tass Jones Photography




OCTOBER 6-8, 2023

Oldenburg GOV, AHHA, Westfalen NA, KWPN

AHS and Rhinelander Studbook

Patty Wilding Photography

Patty Wilding Photography

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Oldenburg GOV Mare and Foal
Aug 8, 2023 

Holsteiner Mare and Foal + Stallion Inspection

September 19, 2023

General Information for Inspections