About ocean feed
Ocean Feed

"OceanFeed™ Equine is a totally natural and organic feed ingredient comprising of a formulated blend of specific seaweeds. The complex blend used in OceanFeed™ Equine is sustainably harvested from the oceans of the world."

Pollyrich Farms is excited to announce that we are now supporting the sale and distribution of OceanFeed™ Equine.  Contact us to get your horses started on this nutritous supplement today.

Key Benefits of OceanFeed™ Equine:

•  Improved Conditioning
•  Improved Coat Sheen
•  Increased Stamina
•  Quicker Recovery
•  Improved Fertility
•  Low level of Iodine
•  Assists in maintaining optimum gut health and function
•  Allows for maximum utilisation of feed intake.
•  Helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system.
•  Provides a food source for naturally occurring gut flora.
•  Stimulates and boosts appetite.
•  Assists in the prevention of ulcers.
•  Has anti-inflammatory benefits.
•  Aids in competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria.
•  Supports the immune system.
•  Helps prevent the retention of the placenta in broodmares.
•  Helps calm nervous horses.
•  Strengthens hooves through natural vitamin B12

Gut Health Enchancer

"The beauty of OceanFeed™ Equine is in its simplicity. If your horses or ponies are able to absorb more nutrients from the feed you give them, they will thrive and perform better. Horse owners know about diet and nutrient uptake, and how important they are to overall horse health. As a result, horse owners often invest substantial amounts of money in quality feed for their horses and ponies. Yet the nutrient uptake from those feeds will be reduced if your horse or ponies gut health is poor.

When a small amount of OceanFeed™ Equine is included in a horses or ponies diet it enhances their gut health, thus increasing their nutrient absorption. This allows your horses and ponies to absorb a greater level of nutrients and vitamins from the feed you are giving them.

This increase in overall health contributes to the appearance, behaviour, performance, recovery and ability to reproduce."